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Multilingual databank in International Relations

Sponsored by the EOP (European Observatory for Plurilingualism)

‘It is vital that students of IR give language more attention than hitherto, as words shape as well as reflect reality’

Ken Booth


Includes various fields in human and social sciences and philosophy (international economics and development, etc.)

Entries are original or taken from contributors’ existing or updated items.  

The selected terms would take into account their cross-linguistic and cross-cultural complexities (English and French for a start), but are replaced within their corresponding cultural fields, with an emphasis on a European and/or comparative perspective, with references to other languages and studies in notable texts.

In practical terms, entries could be existing, new or adapted items, of variable length according to the relative importance of the selected term/concept.:

-       200 to 500 words for secondary, uncommon or technical concepts ;

-       Around 1000 words for ordinary concepts (identity, agreement, power...)

-       2000 or 3000 words for fields, sub-fields or subjects (international law, nation-state, war, civil society, international organizations, etc.).

Languages: English and French for a start. Spanish and other languages will be included at a later stage, if and when possible.